Baracuda Hunter Extreme 22 18_52gr H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme Pellets, .22 Cal, 18.52 Grains, Hollowpoint

Price: $7.46

Part Number: HNBHE1852200


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H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme Pellets, .22 Cal, 18.52 Grains, Hollowpoint. H&N air gun pellets for competition and training are distinguished by narrow shot groups and clean cut bullet holes. Advantages that you can see and will come to appreciate.

Performance and impact: H&N hunting pellets satisfy even the most demanding requirements from passionate air gun hunters. They offer the ideal combination of accuracy and target impact – with very convincing value for money.

Manufacturer: H&N
Description: Baracuda Hunter Extreme
Caliber: .22
Weight: 18.52 gr
Count: 200
Head: Hollow Point
Pellets Samples H&N Hunter, .22 cal. Pellets, 18.52 Grains, Hollow Point Mini-Tin Pellet Sampler. Pellets come in reusable metal tin with screw top lid. Great for reuse in the field. Quantity varies by caliber. Price $3.99

  • 40 Count – 25 Caliber
  • 50 Count – 22 Caliber
  • 60 Count – 177 Caliber

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