A new year, time for a new air gun and we chose the Brocock Compatto .177 Caliber. New in 2016 the Compatto is a semi bull-pup design with the receiver shifted slightly rearward giving it great balance without the design complications of a true bull-pup needing the forward trigger position requiring additional linkage.

Brocock Compatto with MTC Viper Pro 3-18x50

Given the smaller air cylinder needed to keep the design compact, the Compatto delivers a strong 20-30 shots depending on how flat you like your shot curve. Wanting to use this rifle for Field Target, pesting and plinking we were willing to sacrifice FPS for a higher shot count and wanting the flattest shot curve possible for competition we installed a Huma Air Regulator. The regulator also allowed for better air conservation especially when used in conjunction with the all ready very efficient Sling Shot Hammer System as we wanted to try to get 50 shots from a single fill from this compact designed air rifle and it’s 150cc cylinder.

In the videos below, Part 1 we go over the features and specifications of the Compatto as well as the difficulties of installing a regulator. In part 2 we test a variety of pellets as we found the Compatto to be little finicky on pellet choice at the lower velocities as well as struggled with the camera voice recording in the high winds.



For more information on the Brocock Compatto, pricing and specifications visit out web page at Brocock Compatto .177 Caliber.