BKL-304L-MB BKL Tech, 30mm Tube, Double Strap Dovetail Rings, Low Height

Price: $56.95

Part Number: BKL304LMB


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BKL Technolgies rifle scope rings have a quick-installing and self-aligning clamping system that fits both 11mm and 3/8″ dovetails.

These competition grade rings are excellent for use in both rimfire and airgun applications. Installation is performed easily because there are few components to contend with. BKL uses the same #8-32 screws for both scope ring and base clamps. One 9/64 hex wrench tightens all.

BKL scope rings center up as the pressure from the clamping system pulls down as it clamps in. BKL mounts are designed to eliminate the need for lapping. Stress relief slots in the base clamp and the thickness of the top clamps allow the mount to form around the scope tube rather than distort its roundness and alignment.

Aluminum construction
Dual clamp screws
Four cap screws (2 each side)
Steel hex socket screws
Fits 3/8″ and 11mm dovetail rails
For 30mm tube rifle scopes
Two rings per package
Hole diameter 30mm
For 11mm and 3/8″ dovetail rail
Saddle height .680”
Width 1.00”

Saddle height: measured from the bottom of the scope tube to the top surface of the rail

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