Optisan Champion, 11mm Dovetail. 30mm, High

Price: $14.00

Part Number: 37426


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Optisan Champion Airgun Scope Rings are made from strong light weight aluminum and have dual clamping screws. One scope ring features a steel recoil stop pin accessible from the bottom of the ring. Anodized finish and classic design.

The Optisan Champion Airgun Scope Rings have four hex socket screws in the scope ring cap and are available for 1” and 30mm airgun scope tube diameters in low, medium and high heights to accommodate a variety of airgun scopes.

Aluminum airgun scope ring
Dual clamp screws
Recoil airgun stop pin
Four cap screws (3 each side)
Steel hex socket screws
Fits 11 mm Dovetail Rail
For 30mm tube rifle scopes
Two rings per pack
High Height
Hole diameter 30mm
For 11mm dovetail rails
Saddle height .860”
Width .830” cap

Saddle height: measured from the bottom of the scope tube to the top surface of the rail

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