MTC Connect Mount MTC Viper Connect Mount, 11mm Rail

Price: $58.00

Part Number: CM11MM


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The MTC Optics Connect scope mount was specifically designed for mounting the MTC Viper Connect rifle scope to an 11mm scope mounting rail.

The MTC Optics Connect Mount is a one piece aluminum mount with a narrow rear ring that fits between the elevation and illumination control dials.  The MTC Connect 3- 12×32 is a low eye relief scope with a huge field of view, the mount is offset to place the scope closer to the users eye for a comfortable cheek weld to the rifle.

The MTC Optics Connect being a low eye relief scope is for non recoiling rifles only and provides a large field of view that is almost double in size at 10 power than a normal rifle scope.

MTC Optics Connect Scope Mount for Viper Connect 3-12×32
Aluminum construction
One piece mount
Fits 11mm airgun rail
Accessory rail on front ring
Narrow rear ring fits between elevation and illumination control
Weaver slotted rail on one cap
Steel hex allen screws
For 30mm scope tube 
Fits 11mm Rail
30mm tube

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