A good day at the WAC (Wisconsin Airgun Club). Nothing was planned, weather was miserable with blustery winds and snow. Bill D. made the wintery drive over to site in some guns, tinker and socialize.

Never happened, we decided a 100 yard competition instead. 5 rounds and 20 shots each (Pretty sure we walked a mile back and forth) We sighted in best we could with the wintery conditions and “let the games begin”. Inner circle was 4 points, next was 3, outer was 2 and hitting the target was one.

After a hundred shots…(Drum Roll) It was Bill 166 to 164. A real nail biter at the end and a great afternoon!

Wisconsin Airgun Club 12-04-16 Wisconsin Airgun Club 12-04-16 Wisconsin Airgun Club 12-04-16 Wisconsin Airgun Club 12-04-16 Wisconsin Airgun Club 12-04-16

It’s been a busy couple weeks and final course improvments completed. Next year the ground work is started to add 2 additional lanes, bushes and trees. It’s been coming along nicely. A few days before todays match it started to rain (and rain a lot!) so plenty of standing water, but the sun shined on us today and winds came along with it. With the course improvments and changes the difficulty level is at a 38.7. With the winds never letting up and shifting directions we added the additional difficulty factor placing it at 48.4, so it was a tough match. Tony Roman shooting HFT with his tuned Bam B50, 10.34 JSB and Optisan scope came in with a 15/32. Bill Dickerson (sporting some fancy new glasses) and his 12 FPE Hammerli AR20 wearing a Hawk firing JSB 8.4 knocked 17/32 shooting HFT while I mangaged 18/32 with the Air Arms S500, Sightron and JSB 10.34. It was a good day.

Wisconsin Airgun Club Wisconsin Airgun Club Wisconsin Airgun Club Wisconsin Airgun Club Wisconsin Airgun Club


It was a warm humid day in Wisconsin. Bill Dickerson came out early to help with some  course improvments. Thanks Bill! Bill’s son Jeremy joined us early afternoon for his first Field Target match and did super.

Shooting early afternoon also allows the sun to pass just enough to allow us to sit in some shade, a welcome relief. With the course adjustments and changes, difficulty level was at 34.68. It was an on and off breeze all match, but being more off than on so shooters could easily pause a few seconds to let the any breeze that did appear quickly pass by. So no wind was factored into the difficulty.

Bill Dickerson came out with his 12 FPE Hammerli AR20 sporting the new Hawke ED 10-50×60 (set at 12X) shooting .177 JSB 8.4 in hunter class and knocked down 37 out of 64. Jeremy Dickerson (his very first Field Target match) brought out some obvious shooting expereince taking down 39 out of 64 with his Benjamin Marauder topped with an Accushot 3-12×44 shooting .22 JSP 13.4 pellets in Hunter class as well. Jeff Reinert shot Open class with his Air Arms S500, Sightron 10-50×60 and .177 JSB 10.34 and took down 45 out of the 64.

Jeremy WAC Airgun Bill Jeremy


It was a busy and exciting day at the WAC. Tony Roman from www.airgunsarp.com came early morning to use the range and shoot some video review of the Benjamin Bulldog and the Hatsan Bull-Boss. A quick lunch together at Club 16 in Sparta afterwards and he had to head back home.

Bill D came later with his new Hammerli AR20 set up with a Hawke Sidewinder ED 10-50×60 and Warne rings. Amazing rifle and and amazing scope. Being a new set up in the works, spent some time zero-ing those last few drop points (picture below). Afterwards, we did a 32 point match. We decided to call it the Queen Anne’s Lace Match as the flower is abundant this time of year. Bill took down an amazing 26/32 for a new gun set up still being finalized for hunter class shooting 12 FPE. Jeff R ran 28/32 with the Air Arms S500 and Sightron SIII. Great Day with a lot of on and off heavy breeze.  We decided not to factor that into the course. The lanes stayed the same as last time with a Troyer of 28.28

wac_7_30_16_a wac_7_30_16_d wac_7_30_16_b wac_7_30_16_c


It proved to be a challenging day!  Light rain and high winds.  Once we started shooting the rain had stop but the wind continued coming hard from forward and to the right. Bill D brought along new shooter Ryan.  Ryan got a crash coarse in airgun Field Target and did great job knocking down 5 of 16 his first time out with a Hatsan AT44 shooting HFT. Impressive! Bill D. shooting HFT took out 10 while Jeff dropped 15 in Open class do a couple lucky breaks in the wind.

We left the camera at home, but did have a 20 minute delay from a Whitetail fawn (again) who was interested in the FT targets, but more interested in calling for his/her mother. After the match, Bill D brought out the Ataman to plink at the 100 yard gong.

A great way to end the week.

WAC Wisconsin Airgun Club Ataman 725 Sightron SIII 10-50x60


It was a great start to the Independence Day weekend with a visit from Alex M., founder and director of the Badgerland Airgun Association http://www.bagaclub.com/. Alex also brought along a couple gifts. Two excellent and well built knock down targets of a Prairie Dog and Ram.  Thanks to Alex and the BAGA club!

Alex was on the run to a family reunion and couldn’t shoot, so I got the new targets up, moved a Crow to a top post and did a test run of the course. We eased off the difficulty level from previous and the new course stands at a difficulty level of 28.68. Thanks to Alex and the BAGA, the WAC course now stands at 4 lanes at 16 targets.

The temperatures here in Wisconsin were supportive again with little humidity, 75 degrees and this time there was very little breeze on the open field.

When everything was complete, we had a surprise visit from a couple “official” course inspectors (pictures below) and they approved of the changes.

Wisconsin Airgun Club 7_2_16 Wisconsin Airgun Club 7_2_16 Wisconsin Airgun Club 7_2_16 Wisconsin Airgun Club 7_2_16


The summer here in Wisconsin continues not to let us down. Temperatures ran right up close to the low 80’s but again low humidity and a nice gentle breeze and blue skies

This was a work day mostly as Tony R removed his FT Hawke Sidewinder scope from his tuned Bam B50 and mounted it on his new Mutant .22 bullpup. The Bam B50 now wears a new Optisan 4-16×50. Bill D came out again with his Brocock Compatto and brought along his new Ataman for us to try out. Amazing rifle and fun to shoot. Thanks Bill!

With the day running short we shot a quick 12 shot match. Tony R knocked down 6 (HFT) which was amazing regarding he had no time to get the new scope set up properly and had to guess-timate at yardage and holdovers. Bill D took out 6 (HFT) as well and Jeff R knocked down 7 (FT)

The course remained set up from the last match, which is a a tough one with a Troyer scale of 31.76.  After the match, we were entertained by the sighting of a rarely seen Bobolink.

WAC 6_24_16 WAC 6_24_16_2 WAC 6_24_16_3 WAC 6_24_16_4


It was a spectacular weekend here at the Wisconsin Airgin Club. Temperatures ran right up close to 80, low humidity and a nice gentle breeze.  We could not have asked for a better day.

We are still running a tough coarse using the Troyer scale with a coarse difficulty at a high of 31.76, but with the gentle breeze, we left out the 1.25 difficulty factor do to the wind that we had at the last match.

Bill D. rang in some good numbers in hunter class using his Compatto and an Optisan Viper 4-16×50 at 12X and worked on tweeking his initial tank fill pressurs and shot count with a score of 10 out of 24.

Jeff R. ran open class with his Air Arm S500 and Sightron SIII while working on some click adjustments changes from the previous match and rang in with a 17.

The breeze was welcome but may have contibuted to a few missed shots.  Over all it was a spectacular afternoon.

Wisconsin Airgun Club Wisconsin Airgun Club Wisconsin Airgun Club Wisconsin Airgun Club


It was a breezy day here in Wisconsin at the WAC.  Using the Troyer scale with a course difficulty already at a high of 31.76 we decided to add the 1.25 factor do to the wind bringing it to 39.71. The wind was difficult, on and off and changing directions frequently.

Bill D. rang in some great numbers in hunter class using his Compatto and an Optisan Viper 4-16×50 at 12X.  He also decided to make a mid-course adjustments to his hold offs. Super job Bill with a score of 15 out of 30

Jeff R. ran open class with his Air Arm S500 and Sightron SIII but fell short judging the wind and came in at 12 out of 30.

Other than the shifting wind, it was a fabulous day here in Wisconsin.  The 84 temps were a welcome change after another long and cold winter

WAC 5_22_16 WAC 5/22/16 WAC 5_22_16 WAC 5/22/16