The Air Arms S500 pre-charge pneumatic airgun is manufactured in England and is one of the mainstays of the Air Arms family of airguns. Commonly referred to as the S500 Xtra (extra performance) it is available with a few different stock options as well as either .177 or .22 calibers. In the USA it can also be seen as the Air Arms S500 Xtra FAC where as FAC stating the airgun is full power and not sub 12 FPE.

Air Arms S500 Hunter Green

Air Arms S500 Hunter Green

Air Arms S500 Walnut

Air Arms S500 Walnut


Stock options are availble in Popular (stained brown or hunter green) as well as available in Walnut. The Monte Carlo style stock has a soft rubber butt pad, fine detailed checkering, and a decorative pistol grip end cap. The blueing on air cylinder is a glossy finish and simply spectacular while the receiver and shrouded barrel will take on a more satin finish and again, very high quality not seen from most manufactures. The Air Arms S500 doesn’t include open sights (which I prefer not to be included) and will need a scope mounted to it’s 11mm rails machined into the receiver, and to get the most from this air rifle, it needs a high quality optic.

Air Arms S500

Air Arms S500 11mm Rail and Checkering

The trigger on the Air Arms is a 2 stage and is highly adjustable. The length of pull on the first stage can be practically elliminated while the second stage force lightened to just a feather light pull. In front of the trigger is a guage giving the user a reading on how much pressure is left in it’s 231cc cylinder, which when filled to it’s maximum pressure of 200 bar provides a high shot count.

Air Arms S510

Air Arms S500 Air Guage

The Air Arms S500 is a non-regulated airgun causing the shot curve to take a nice smooth rainbow shape or in some cases a straight down angle indicating an overly strong hammer spring. In either case the S500 comes with a power adjuster and a little time with a chronograph one can learn to adjust the power setting as they shoot to flatten this curve or extend your shot count to the highest limit. Depending on your style of shooting and your needs, you may want to have installed an after market regulator (our recommendation)

Air Arms S500

Air Arms S500 Side Lever and Power Adjuster

This side lever action single shot airgun is easy to load with it’s generous opening (from either side) for even the largest of fingers and given the stock is ambidextrous, it’s great for left handed shooters as well. Although the side lever can not be flipped to the left, with this being a single shot rifle it really isn’t needed since the rifle will need to be un-shouldered and reloaded after each shot.

The Air Arms S500 is a great multi-use airgun and with it’s Lothar Walther barrel it is accurate as well. So whether your punching holes in paper, plinking, pesting or using as your Field Target rifle, the S500 can do it all.

Below is a S500 with a few modifcations. The butt of the rifle was cut out and raised, a knee riser added as well as a regulator and currently being used open class for Field Target matches.

Air Arms S500 Modified

Modified Air Arms S500 for Field Target

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