Air Arms TX200If your looking for an accurate and down right beautiful airgun that’s self powered and free from compressed air tanks, hoses and compressors, you need look no farther than the Air Arms TX200 MKIII Airgun.

Air Arms is renowned for accuracy and quality and after taking this airgun out of the box you’re first going to notice the incredible blueing used on all the steel components, unmatched in our opinion by almost all of it’s competitors. The Air Arms quality doesn’t stop at the blueing, the details and checkering in the stock are refined and the Walnut version of this rifle makes you wonder if it should be used or displayed in a glass case.
Air Arms TX200 MKIIIBut don’t this gorgeous underlever, spring powered beauty fool you, it’s made to shoot and does it like few others in it’s class. Whether you’re new to airguns or a seasoned veteran, shooting a spring powered rifle as you know can be challenging. Not so much with the Air Arms TX200. It’s not just that this airgun has a crisp adjustable match grade trigger, ventilated rubber buttpad and Lothar Walter barrel, what makes this gun accurate is a spring power plant that is smooth. Pulling the trigger on an Air Arms TX200, you may just forget your not shooting a PCP rifle and that’s what makes this gun a favorite of mine to shoot.

Shooting a springer at times seems to be an exhausting chore just do to the constant concentration required on holding the rifle and paying attention to your form and follow through. Right when you think you did everything right, the end result can still leave you scratching your head on what what wrong when you see your grouping. The smoothness and quality of the Air Arms TX200 brings shooting a spring powered airgun right back to where it should be, enjoyable!tx200-bCocking the Air Arms TX200 under lever is easy when compared to many other spring powered rifles and the addition of it’s bear trap safety makes loading a pellet simpler and more secure.

Being and underlever means the barrel remains in place for greater accuracy. Many other spring powered airguns use the barrel to compress the spring and cock the gun resulting eventually on what could become a bent barrel, or in most cases, a barrel that never quite returns to the exact same position as the shot made before it.

The smoothness of the Air Arms TX200 is a result of several features working together.
These include a balanced mainspring, guide and piston system, which runs on synthetic bearings to reduce friction. Less energy lost to friction means higher efficiency, easier cocking and reduced recoilAir Arms TX200.

If you’re new and looking to get into airguns or simply want a fun to shoot, accurate and beautiful airgun to add to your collection, look no further that the Air Arms TX200 MKIII. For more information, availability and pricing visit Air Arms TX200 at Trenier Outdoors