Beeman HW97K 20 Cal Blue Laminate Pre Owned Beeman HW97K .20 Cal Blue Laminate Stock Air Rifle

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Part Number: POBHW97K20


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This pre owned FX Airguns Royal in .20 caliber is in great condition and only has about 400 shots (1 tin of pellets) through it. Accurate.

Scope not included

The HW97K is related to one of the first – and finest – underlever field target rifles ever made. Coming from the famed plant in Germany, it’s proving to be just as accurate. Even if you’re not a field target enthusiast, you’ll enjoy shooting this rifle! It’s great for metallic silhouettes, plinking, shooting spinners and paper targets, and accurate enough to do some serious hunting. If you’re hunting game and eliminating pests, .20 or .22 caliber should be your choice.

The quality of the polishing and bluing on the steel action, barrel and underlever exceeds what you’d normally find on comparably priced firearms. The blue laminated stock has a raised RH cheekpiece on the Monte Carlo buttstock. The stock is capped with a soft rubber recoil pad to give you ultimate control.

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HW97K air rifle
Scope not included
2-stage adjustable Rekord match trigger
Sliding breech with anti-beartrap mechanism
Automatic safety
Blue Laminate Stock
Dual raised cheekpieces
Rubber recoil pad
Overall Weight: 9.2 lb
Overall Length: 40.25″
Barrel Length: 11.81″
Caliber: .20(5.0mm)
Velocity: .20 (820 fps)
Beeman HW97K 20 Cal Blue LaminateBeeman HW97K 20 Cal Blue Laminate

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