GSA Gold Star SE BSA Gold Star SE Air Rifle, Black Pepper Stock .177 Caliber

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Part Number: BSA-3110


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For decades the name Gold Star has been associated with the pinnacle of BSA motorcycles and Air Rifles, and here we are announcing the next chapter for this iconic name, with the launch of our new PCP Air Rifle the Gold Star SE.

Designed in conjunction with Hunter Field Target shooters and Hunters around the world, the new BSA Gold Star SE Pre Charged Pneumatic Air Rifle is a feature packed product delivering unprecedented performance and value for money in its class.

Improved trigger breaks even more cleanly than before giving even better shot control with  all the trigger adjustment options you could need to put you in total control of every shot.

Fully regulated with a new 10 shot (left side loaded) high impact polymer base magazine with knurled rotor for easy use. Enhanced cold hammer forged barrel, adjustable cheek piece snd palm rest, air stripper and adjustable butt pad

BSA Gold Star SE air rifle
PCP field target rifle
ECHF Enhanced cold hammer forged barrel
Fully adjustable 2 stage match accurate trigger
Enhanced trigger function breaks cleanly for superior shot control
Regulated power system (aka regulator)
Black pepper stock
Adjustable cheek piece
Adjustable butt pad
Adjustable palm rest
Pressure gauge and quick fill port
New self-actuating 10 shot magazine system
Air stripper
Overall Weight: 8 lbs
Overall Length: 35.8″
Barrel Length: 15.2″
Caliber: .177 (4.5mm)
Velocity: .177 (800 fps)
BSA Gold Star SE  BSA Gold Star SEBSA Gold Star SE  BSA-3110_e

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