Daystate Wolverine 303 Daystate Wolverine 303 .303 Caliber


Part Number: DSWVWAL_303


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Daystate develop the big bore sporting rifle in response to great demand from airgun hunters world wide. Enter the 0.303 calibre Wolverine.

In addition to packing a 303 calibre punch the multishot wolverine is also unique in featuring gun handling and safety’s that will be more familiar to firearm shooters such as a bolt open safety a resettable safety catch plus a pressure system that prevents the rifle chambering more than one bullet at a time.

Why a Daystate big bore air rifle ? Airgun hunters have for a long time, enjoyed the benefits of using an air rifle to take small game, and for pest control.

Airguns are unique, with low cost of ammunition, the potential for lower power outputs than firearms making them safer within buildings and hazardous locations, and less environmental impact (noise).

Until now, airgun hunters wishing to hunt for medium sized game have had to change to full bore rifles or shotguns. With the introduction of the Wolverine 303 there is now an airgun alternative !

Featuring a new specially designed .303 airgun bullet, the Wolverine 303 with its 5 shot rotary magazine and muzzle energy of up to 120 ft lbs is more than capable of taking larger game species at sensible airgun ranges.

Precharge pneumatic
Bolt action
Sling Shot Hammer
5 shot rotary magazine
300 cc (Up to 250 Bar)
2 stage adjustable trigger
Manual safety
Walnut  stock
Shrouded match grade barrel
Solid breech block
Rubber ventilated butt pad
Standard snap fit fill system
Overall Weight: 9.50lb
Overall Length: 44.0″
Barrel Length: 23″
Caliber: .25(5.5mm)
Daystate Wolverine 303 

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