FX Wildcat .22 FX Airguns Wildcat, Synthetic Stock .22 Cal

Price: $1399.99

Part Number: FXWC22TH


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The FX Wildcat builds on the success and knowledge learned from the Bobcat series rifles, combined with the features and style requirements the shooter desires, FX airguns is proud to announce the all new FX Wildcat Bullpup precision air rifle.

The FX Wildcat represents many hours of complex design and systems testing. The end result has exceeded expectations for a compact, high power, and high accuracy performer.

Features include a precise air regulator and new magazine system that is easy to load. The Wildcat valve system is powered by the new high grade aluminum air cylinder that sports a durable new tactical finish. The cocking lever has been engineered to be the smoothest operating possible with only the highest quality materials used. Forward placement of the charging lever the provides the quickest and most simple actuation. A durable synthetic stock with soft touch coating for all weather comfort.

FX Wildcat
Precharged pneumatic
8 shot in cal .22
Side lever
230 Bar Fill pressure
Tank size: .22 Cal (230 cc)
Safety: Manual
Shrouded barrel
Adjustable match trigger
Synthetic thumbhole stock
Pressure guage
11mm Dovetail scope mount
Shown with scope (NOT INCLUDED)

Overall Weight: .22 Cal 6.1lb
Overall Length: .22 Cal 29.9”
Barrel Length: .22 Cal 19.7”
Caliber: .22(5.5mm)
Energy: .22 up to 30 fpe
FX Wildcat  FX Wildcat .22

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