Hatsan Air Cylinder Hatsan AT44 Air Cylinder – Standard

Price: $89.99

Part Number: HA90210


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Hatsan AT44 air cylinder for standard (not long version) Hatsan AT44 airguns. This direct replacement easily screws into the Hatsan AT44. A great way to take extra air when your on the go.

The Hatsan AT44 air cylinder comes assembled and includes the fill port, pressure gauge, valve assembly and safety valve cap. Simply unscrew the the current air cylinder from the rifle. Unscrew the safety cap from the valve on the replacement air cylinder and screw into your standard length Hatsan AT44 Airgun.

Maximum fill of 200 bar and 180 cc capacity. Steel construction.

Hatsan AT44 air cylinder
Standard Length
Includes fill port, valve and pressure gauge
200 Bar maximum fill
Easily screws in
180cc volume
Standard length
200 Bar

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