Daystate Wolvering Preowned Daystate Woverine B .22 Cal – Pre Owned

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Part Number: THDSWB22


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This pre owned Daystate Woverine with Walnut stock comes to you in Pristine condition and as a bonus, this rifle is coming with 3 magazines as well as a Huggett moderator.

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“Developed over an unprecedented 7-year development program, the Wolverine is all-new and incorporates many new design and safety features, while retaining Daystate’s core principles:

“A superb hunting rifle, with power accuracy and performance good enough to take target shooting.”

The Wolverine is the end-product of a team of British and Italian designers and engineers who have combined 30 years of airgun and 60 years of shotgun technologies to create a new generation of Airguns that will ensure Daystate’s position as Manufacturer of the finest Airguns in the world.

The Wolverine core design is to be used in several new models. At present we have the following models available with more being released in the future”

Note: Pre owned airguns are sold as is, with out warranty and are tested for function before shipping. Every effort has been made to accurately reflect the condition of the product. All sales are final and can not be returned.

Daystate Woverine B .22 Caliber
Precharged pneumatic
Repeater 10-rd mag in .22 (3 Magazines total)
Rear bolt-action
Fill reservoir up to 400cc  200 bar (2,900 psi)
Safety: Bolt open safety, mechanical safety switch
11mm scope mounting rail
mechanical 2-stage trigger
Rubber recoil pad
Overall Weight: 7.4 lb
Factory Length: 42″ (with out moderator)
Barrel Length: N/A
Caliber: .22 (5.50mm)
Velocity: N/A
Daystate Wolvering Preowned Daystate Wolvering Preowned Daystate Wolvering Preowned Daystate Wolvering Preowned Daystate Wolvering Preowned

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