Aeromagnum 308 Stinger HP Aeromagnum .300 Cal Stinger. .3080″ Hollow Point

Price: $24.50

Part Number: AM3080STG_50


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Why Aeromagnum Airgun Airmunition, because every shot counts. Select grade ammunition custom cast for big bore airguns.

The Aeromagnum .300 Cal Stinger, actual diameter .3080 .109 grain hollow point are for use in the most .300 caliber air rifles. Please visit the Size Chart link below.

Consistency and accuracy are the key and each Aeromagnum round is sized to help ensure uniformity and weighed to guarantee to be within 1% of specifications

Rigid quality control, an exclusive lead alloy and individually hand packed make Aeromagnum Airmunition your premium choice for big bore airguns.

Aeromagnum Airmunition is proudly made in the USA.

See the AeroMagnum Size Chart Here

Manufacturer: Aeromagnum
Description: Stinger
Caliber: .300
Head Size: .3080
Weight: 109 grains
Count: 50
Hollow Point
 Aeromagnum 308 Stinger HP  Aeromagnum Devasator

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