H&N Field Target Trophy Pellets H&N Field Target Trophy .177 cal. pellets, 8.64 Grains, Domed

Price: $10.99

Part Number: HNFTT-864-452-400


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H&N Field Target Trophy .177 cal. pellets, 8.64 Grains, Domed, 500ct. Head size 4.52

Performance and impact: H&N hunting pellets satisfy even the most demanding requirements from passionate air gun hunters. They offer the ideal combination of accuracy and target impact – with very convincing value for money.

Manufacturer: H&N
Description: Field Target Trophy
Caliber: .177
Head Size: 4.52mm
Weight: 8.64 gr
Count: 500
Head: Domed
Pellets Samples H&N Hunter Extreme,.177 cal. Pellets, 9.57 Grains, Hollow Point Mini-Tin Pellet Sampler. Pellets come in reusable metal tin with screw top lid. Great for reuse in the field. Quantity varies by caliber. Price $3.99

  • 40 Count – 25 Caliber
  • 50 Count – 22 Caliber
  • 60 Count – 177 Caliber

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