Kral 22 Puncher Breaker Silent

The Kral Arms Puncher Breaker Silent Synthetic .22 Caliber is a bullpup version based on the full size Kral Puncher. The Kral Arms Puncher Breaker Silent maintains power and accuracy with it’s full size 21″ long barrel but the bullpup design lends itself for easier maneuverability while reducing weight. It features a durable black synthetic stock with a built in compartment to store the included…


Optisan Optics

WHY ARE OPTISAN PRODUCTS SUPERIOR TO IT’S RIVAL COMPETITORS? A chat between Lily, Chief Product Designer of Optisan, and Shaun of Elite Optical Distribution. SHAUN: Do you think there is a fundamental reason your optics are superior to the majority of your rivals? LILY: Yes, I believe the superiority starts from the ground up because as a family business we design, develop and build the…

Brocock Bantam Features and Data

Brocock Bantam Features and Shot Data

The Brocock Bantam introduced in 2017 was build on the Compatto platform. A semi bull-pup design that shifted the receiver slightly rearward giving the airgun great balance. The original Compatto had a 200cc air cylinder and synthetic stock where as the Bantam has a 480cc carbon fiber bottle and wood stock with a soft touch coating saving almost an entire 1/2 pound. In this video…

Daystate Pulsar

Daystate Pulsar – Features and Accuracy

The Daystate Pulsar Synthetic .25 Caliber has unique ergonomics and is computer-controlled via a sophisticated motherboard and software, the revolutionary PULSAR builds on a decade of electronic airgun success. In this video we do a quick review of the Pulsar’s features as well as accuracy test at 50 and 100 yards.   For more information, pricing and specifications visit Daystate Pulsar on our website.  

Daystate Pulsar, The Electronics

Daystate has been integrating electronics into airguns for many years with the latest generation updated in 2015 with the release of the Pulsar. Electronics and airguns brings up many concerns and questions, the What? Where? and Why? Here we try to answer some of those questions and explain just how a little technology can enhance the entire shooting experience as well as performance. WHAT? Electronics…

Brocock Compatto with MTC Viper Pro 3-18x50

Brocock Compatto .177 Project

A new year, time for a new air gun and we chose the Brocock Compatto .177 Caliber. New in 2016 the Compatto is a semi bull-pup design with the receiver shifted slightly rearward giving it great balance without the design complications of a true bull-pup needing the forward trigger position requiring additional linkage. Given the smaller air cylinder needed to keep the design compact, the…