The Weihrauch company and Beeman Precision Airguns is one the first joint ventures between a German-based manufacturer and an American airgun distributor going back to the 1970’s. The Beeman HW97K comes from this famed plant in Germany and is one of the finest underlever rifle on the market today. The Beeman HW97K is offered in a variety of configurations and options including polymer stocks, thumbhole stocks and stainless steel barrels. Here we will cover the new in 2016 blue laminate stock in .20 caliber.

Beeman HW97K

Beeman HW97K Blue Laminate

As you can imagine, taking the Beeman HW97K out of the box, the first thing one will notice is the blue laminate stock and it’s a beauty.  If you’re not familiar with laminated stocks, they consist of thin layers of wood, impregnated with glue and permanently attached to each other.

The advantages of laminates is that the separate pieces moderate the effects of temperature and humidity and is also stronger than the original wood. Typically, each layer of the laminate is dyed before laminating with alternating colors giving a pattern similar to wood grain and when using bright and contrasting colors, the results can be very amazing. The downside, laminate stocks can add 4 or 5 ounces in weight over typical walnut.

Beeman HW97K Blue Laminate

Beeman HW97K Blue Laminate

This blue Beeman HW97K will have a comfortable raised cheek piece (right hand only), an attractive taper to the forearm and an ergonomic palm swell with an agreeable reach to the trigger. The trigger is a two stage Rekord and is adjustable as well (first stage travel, first and second stage pressure, second stage movement).

Beeman HW97K Blue Laminate

Beeman HW97K Rekord Trigger

The Beeman HW97K is an underlever rifle allowing the barrel to maintain position. Cocking the underlever (around 35 pounds of force required) opens a large port allowing for easy loading of the pellet. I did wish though it had a secondary catch for safety as found on some other underlevers. The barrel length measures 11.8″ on this 40″ rifle with a weight of 9.2 pounds which is a typical weight for underlever rifles, although the Beeman is a little more compact having an inch or two less length. At the end of the barrel is a permanetly attached moderator of nice quality and bluing helping to reduce the report of this rifle and it does do a good job.  The majority of the noise heard is simply the action with the spring and internal moving parts.

Beeman HW97K Blue

Beeman HW97K Loading Port

Beeman HW97K Airgun

Beeman HW97K Moderator

If you’re familiar with spring powered rifles, then you well know it takes a few hundred shots first to wear in components to where the rifle performs at it’s highest level. In this test though, we mounted a scope, cleaned the barrel and put 20 rounds through the chronegraph skipping the “break in period” using JSB .20 caliber 13.73 grain Exact Heavy pellets. As you can see from the chart below, only after about 10 shots new from the box this Beeman started to settle in quickly and nicely on either side of 690 FPS or just shy of 15 FT/LBS. With additional break in we’d expect that number to climb some.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
630 662 668 672 673 683 683 675 686 686
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
682 692 691 681 688 686 690 684 689 692

Beeman HW97K Shot Sting Blue Laminate .20 Caliber

Next we put out a target at 15 yards, brought out the sandbags for accuracy testing. Also to note, when it comes to springer shooting, sandbags we feel allow for a more natural recoil movement of the rifle.

Beeman HW97K Blue Laminate with Optisan EVX

Again to mention, this is not a completely fair test for this Beeman given that we skipped the break in rounds, but being familar with the HW97K we knew it wouldn’t disappoint. Although this being the first .20 caliber we’ve tested, there was a bit of excitement in the air on how the pellets would stack up. After a quick one shot sight in to get us close to the bulleye, we proceeded to put 10 rounds through about the size of a dime!  Below are the results.

Beeman HW97K Accuracy 20 Caliber

Beeman HW97K Shot Sting Blue Laminate .20 Caliber Accuracy

As expected, the Beeman didn’t disappoint out of the box. With the unique blue stock, exceptional blueing and German quality, the HW97K underlever is worth serious consideration. If your looking for a caliber that’s heavy enough to be less effected by wind, but with a flatter trajectory than a .22, the .20 caliber is a great choice for competion, plinking or light pest control (not to mention much easier to handle and load than the small .177).

For more information, pricing and availablility on the Beeman HW97K Blue Laminate in 20 caliber, click the link Beeman HW97K at Trenier Outdoors