Building off the success and popularity of the Compatto, Brocock has taken the design further and for 2017 introduces the new Bantam. This semi bull-pup design shifts the action rearward giving it great balance but still maintains the original trigger location (no linkages needed as in a bullpup) and it still maintains a full 18″ barrel length.
Brocock Bantam

Brocock Bantam HiLite with Black Soft Touch Stock

The Bantam is available in a few different options. The stock has two options in wood, stained or soft touch black. Both are attractive skelentonized stocks and include a comfortable non-adjustable cheek riser as well as a rubber buttpad. They are simple but sleekly designed stocks and the soft touch is a joy to handle but does come with about a $100 up-charge.

Brocock Bantam

Brocock Bantam Cheek Riser and Rubber Buttpad

In addition to the stock there are a few bottle options as well. 500cc aluminum and a 480cc Carbon Fiber. Brocock gives the title (HiLite) to the later option and wanting to maintain the already light weight design of this rifle, we chose this option and glad we did. It removes almost 11 ounce from the original Compatto weight coming in at 6 pounds 10 ounces and feels feather light in the hands.

Brocock Bantam

Brocock Bantum HiLite Carbon Fiber Bottle

Mounting a scope is easy. With the action shifted rearward the Bantum will come with an 11mm scope rail cantilevered forward while still maintaining a low profile and comfortable eye to scope alignment. Once the scope is mounted, the rail/scope combination can be easily removed as one complete assembly giving easy access to the set screws holding the Lothar Walther barrel for cleaning or breech seal replacement.

Brocock Bantam

Brocock Bantam 11mm Scope Mounting Rail

As mentioned earlier, although a semi bullpup design, the Bantam still has a full length shrouded 18″ barrel and comes with an included Reflex moderator keeping this airgun fairly quiet. Without the moderator, it does make a fair bit of noise.

Brocock Bantam

Brocock Bantam Reflex Moderator

Other features of the Brocock Bantam will include a smooth side bolt action working a self indexing 10 round magazine.  A two stage adjustable trigger with a manual safety placed forward of it. 3 Step power adjuster. An easy to read side pressure gauge and for what has become expected from Brocock, an outstanding fit and finish.

Brocock Bantam

Brocock Bantam HiLite with Soft Touch Stock

Filling the Bantam with air is done by way of a quick fill adapter just ahead of trigger. It is well reccessed keeping the smooth lines of the stock and covered by a nice magnetic cap. The stock is dished out around the cap making it easy to grab and remove

Brocock Bantam Quick Fill Cap

Brocock Bantam Quick Fill Magnetic Dust Cover

Brocock Bantam Quick Fill Connector

Brocock Bantam Quick Fill Fitting

To avoid the difficulties of connecting and disconnecting the Female end of the air line. Brocock provided the Bantam with a Quick Fill Extension. Made of metal with a protective chrome finish, simply slide on the quick fill connector and insert the small plug as described by the included instructions.

Brocock Bantam Quick Fill Extension

Brocock Bantam Quick Fill Extension

Brocock Bantam Quick Fill Extension

Brocock Bantam Quick Fill Extension Assembly

We filled up the Bantam to 200 Bar, placed the power adjuster to high and headed outdoors with the chrongraph and a couple 10 shot magazines filled with JSB 15.89 grain pellets.

897 897 894 895 893 893 888 887 887 885
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

886 887 877 879 873 876 870 871 870 869
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

We checked the pressure gauge and still having 160 Bar of pressure left, we loaded up two more magazines and took an additional 20 shots.

863 864 858 852 846 846 842 840 836 836
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

834 830 827 822 814 816 808 805 806 802
31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40

We were impressed with the numbers on the first 20 shots with a spread of only 28 feet per second. Great numbers for a non regulated airgun. The following 20 shots fell off an additional 67 feet per second, which we felt are still good numbers when considering at 35 yards the pellet drop difference between the high of 897 FPS and the low of 802 is a little smaller than 3/8″ at 35 yards. With it compact size, light weight and 40 shots, the Brocock Bantam is going to be a great all day hunter or varmintor.

For more information on the Brocock Bantam, visit Brocock Bantam at Trenier Outdoors.