I caught glimpse of the new Brocock Compatto at the  2016 Shot Show and it immediately caught my eye. It was more than just the styling, something new altogether. A semi-bullpup rifle. Compact, light weight with amazing balance in your hands.

Brocock Compatto

Brocock Compatto with Optisan EVX

The Brocock Compatto shifted the action rearward to balance the airgun, but not far enough giving the complications of a bullpup design, or the look of a bullpup.  It still uses a single placement trigger and with a small extension on the scope rail, mounting a rifle scope is easy using regular rings and gives the shooter easy and comfortable cheek placement when shooting and the side bolt still forward enough allowing easy cycling of the action, even for left handers.

Brocock Compatto at Trenier Outdoors

Brocock Compatto Action Shifted Rearward

This gun shoulders naturally, your sight picture comes right into place and the lighter weight and balance makes me feel I could hold this rifle all day.

The Brocock Compatto is built in the Daystate factory and it shows in the quality.  A Lothar Walther barrel, a full length baffle with provisions at the end of the barrel for an additional moderator, and a two stage trigger that’s light and crisp.

The safety is right where I prefer it, in front of the trigger and the thumbhole hybrid
stock with pistol grip was designed just right, there’s no awkward over-sized feel or sensation your grip is being overly stretched when reaching for the trigger. It just fits your hand naturally.



Brocock Compatto Trigger and Safety

The side lever action on the Compatto is smooth to say the least and really speaks to the quality and tolerances of the components. It cycles a 10 shot self indexing rotary magazine and velocity can be controlled by way of an added 3 step power adjuster conveniently located on the side forward the bolt.

We took our Brocock Compatto, fitted it with a T.O. Series 4-16×40 scope and headed out to the range for testing.  Using 14.3 .22 Caliber JSB Jumbo Pellets to record velocity and accuracy results on each of the three power settings.


Brocock Compatto

Brocock Compatto With Scope

After we air-ed up the Brocock Compatto’s 150cc air tank to 200 BAR we averaged 30 shots before we saw a large decline in velocity with a spread ranging from 862 FPS to 787 FPS. Accuracy was impressive also making one large ragged hole in the target at 30 yards. Exceptional in my opinion considering we were shooting quickly through the Chroney on a breezy day in Wisconsin.

Brocock Compatto

Brocock Compatto Self Indexing Magazine

After testing on the lowest setting, we re-charged the Compatto back to 200 BAR, moved the power adjuster to the medium setting and repeated the exercise. As expected, velocity increased and we averaged another 30 shots before we saw a large decline in velocity with a spread ranging from 915 FPS to 828 FPS. Accuracy was again impressive from the Brocock’s Lothar Walther barrel leaving one large hole in the target. I will have to admit, I was getting pretty excited to dial up the Brocock Compatto now to it’s highest setting and see what the full potential of this airgun was. After a quick refill to 200 BAR we averaged again 30 shots with a spread from 920 FPS to 812 FPS and accuracy was still spot on.


Brocock Compatto with Hugget Moderator

The Compatto being advertised with a range from 20-30 Foot Pounds seems correct and the power adjuster worked excellent with three distinct and positive clicks. Our opinion is the Brocock Compatto is a winner in all categories and a serious competitor. The fit and finish is excellent, the semi bull-pub design lends to a well balanced rifle, the stock design and light weight make this rifle a treat to shoot and with 3 power settings, a sling shot hammer and superb accuracy the Compatto won’t let you down. At the time of this writing, with a $999 price tag, anyone considering a new rifle or looking at getting into a bull-pup would be making an error not considering the Compatto.

Brocock Compatto

Brocock Compatto

So if  your looking to get into the PCP airgun arena, wanting to upgrade from your current rifle or just looking to add to your collection, you should take a serious look this air rifle.

Brocock Compatto Shot String, JSB .22 Caliber 15.89 gr.

846 859 855 854 853 847 849 849 850 847
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
847 848 839 835 833 825 823 814 804 801
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

For more information, pricing and availabilty on the Brocock compatto Visit Brocock Compatto at Trenier Outdoors