New from Daystate in 2016, the Renegade arrives in a nice plastic case with the rifle itself nestled safely inside molded to fit foam. Always nice to have and better yet, extra space was provided to use the case with the airgun scoped. I know these cases add additional cost but I do like cases that are specifically design to the hold and transport the rifle as well as room for extas like pellets, tools and fittings.

Daystate Renegade

Daystate Renegade Right Side View

This precharged pneumatic Daystate Renegade closely resembles their Pulsar model with some changes, mainly that it’s precharged action is mechanically-driven rather than the electronic GCU (Gun Control Unit) and map-compensated firing cycle found on the Pulsar. The Renegade beats around the mechanical Harper-patented Slingshot Hammer system resulting in a new rifle that shares many of the features of the Pulsar but without the computerized complexity and expense.

Daystate Renegade

Daystate Renegade Left Side View

If your familiar with Bull-pup styled rifles then you know the trigger can be a bit of a challenge with it’s forward placment from the reciever. Generally, inefficient levers and linkages are used that take away from a nice crisp trigger feel. With the electronic Pulsar this problem was overcome and now Daystate extended this experience to develop a hybrid electronic/mechanical trigger for the Renegade – the first system of its kind to be seen on a PCP air rifle (and I would have to say this trigger is phenomenal). It is also adjustable for weight and length of stage.


Daystate Renegade Trigger

The Daystate Renegade is available currently with a soft touch synthetic stock in either olive green or black. With an overall rifle length of only 30″, it has an excellent feel, balances well when shouldered and for the left handed shooter both the side lever and cheek piece can be switch to the opposite side. Fully scoped with a Hawke Airmax 3-12×50 it weighed 10 LBS 10 OZ. Side lever movement is smooth when cycling the action with no loose feel. Tight tolerances and quality made parts as expected from a Daystate air rifle.

Daystate Renegade Side Lever

Daystate Renegade Side Lever

Daystate Renegade Cheek Piece

Daystate Renegade Reversable Cheek Piece

The Daystate Renegade includes an adjustable butt pad giving this airgun around a 14-1/4″ trigger pull. Using an allen wrench, the butt pad adjustment is quickly made by loosening a single screw and sliding it downward. The Butt pad it self is contained in a slotted rail to prevent any rotation after it is re-tightened. With stylish inserts and curved lines, it’s an attractive air rifle.

Daystate Renegade Butt Pad

Daystate Renegade Rubber Butt Pad

Daystate Renegade Butt Pad

Daystate Renegade Rubber Butt Pad Vertically Adjustable

The Daystate Renegade doesn’t include open sights and will need a scope mounted to it’s 11mm raised rail. The raised height allows for a lower scope ring and with the rail cantalevered forward, mounting a scope and setting a comforable eye relief is very easy with plenty of adjustement.

Daystate Renegade 11mm Rail

Daystate Renegade 11mm Rail


This semi automatic airgun comes with a nice metal constructed self indexing rotary magazine with a visible red marker indicating the last shot. Forward the magazine is an integrated bubble level to help prevent canting when shooting, another nice feature.

Daystate Renegade Level

Daystate Renegade Self Indexing Magazine and Bubble Level

Filling the Daystate Renegade is by way of a standard quick connect fitting at the end of the air cylinder. It’s location is covered by an attractive aluminum decorative cap. The fully shrouded barrel also includes a standard 1/2″-20 threaded end for attaching a moderator, although this airgun is already very quiet and neighbor friendly.

Daystate Renegade Fill Port Cover

Daystate Renegade Fill Port Screw on Decorative Cap

Daystate Renegade Fill Port

Daystate Fill Port Quick connect fitting

We filled up the Daystate Renegade’s huge 300cc cylinder to it’s maximum 230 BAR and headed to the chronograph with a tin of Daystate Sovereign 15.9 grain .22 caliber pellets and some paper targets. To be honest, we really should have waited for a better day as the winds were ridiculously heavy from the right with the occasional head on swirl. We pulled out a few sand bags regardless and proceeded. We had no doubt this airgun is accurate as well as a pleasure to shoot. Below are our results at 35 yards on this blustery day with a full 60 shots.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
892 895 894 897 902 897 904 903 905 906

Daystate Renegade at Trenier Outdoors Target

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
920 910 920 912 928 929 975 923 927 926

Daystate Renegade at Trenier Outdoors Target

21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
938 946 951 955 964 NA 941 929 940 944

Daystate Renegade at Trenier Outdoors Target

31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
941 951 953 961 968 NA 958 944 942 949

Daystate Renegade at Trenier Outdoors Target

41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50
945 949 944 941 944 945 NA NA NA 940

Daystate Renegade at Trenier Outdoors Target

51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
940 NA 941 940 935 NA 924 924 919 917

For additional information, pricing and specifications on the Daystate Renegade Airgun as well as other Daystate models visit our page at Trenier Outdoors Daystate Air Rifles.

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