Introduced in 2015, the FX Airguns Impact took the airgun industry by storm. Unique in design with a modern tactical look, this beauty is mainly machined from aluminum with very minimal plastic parts except where required (the rubber butt pad and pistol grip). It’s light weight, compact and picking one up one can only imagine the purring of the CNC machines cutting all that aluminum.FX Airguns Impact

What makes the FX Airguns Impact unique aside from the styling and proven performance of the FX Smooth Twist barrel is that this rifle is adaptable, versatile, modifiable, alterable and if I could think of more synonyms for changeable I would have added them.

For starters, the barrel can be swapped out to allow for different calibers. That’s right, if you wished you would have purchased the .22 instead of the .25 all one needs to do is purchase the barrel and bolt probe. Switching them out is a snap and only takes a few minutes.

If you’re thinking switching barrels requires a different pressure, you are right and FX Airguns added an internal regulator that’s adjustable from outside the rifle via a small brass screw right behind the trigger. Be sure to read the instructions first as you can increase pressure as you need (about an 1/8″ turn at a time) but to decrease pressure you must first remove the bottle and remaining pressure inside the rifle.

FX Airguns Impact

From the picture above you not only see the brass regulator adjustment screw, but also the fill probe tucked neatly under the airgun, the pressure gauge indicating remaining bottle pressure, the manual flip switch safety that’s easily manipulated with your thumb as well as a silky smooth side cocking lever.

The external regulator adjustment is fantastic but works in conjunction with a clever valve adjustment dial located just above the carbon fiber bottle connection. Adjusting this along with the regulator and the possibilities are endless. Just like the regulator adjustment, a little turn goes a long way so start with minor adjustments (about an 1/8″) before testing over the chronograph and adjusting futher.

FX Airguns Impact

The FX Airguns Impact carbon fiber bottle is rated to 250 BAR giving the shooter a huge shot count. In addition it is removable allowing you to carry spare bottle into the field. Be sure to read the instructions and when removing any bottle from any rifle, be sure the internal bottle valve shuts when unscrewing.

Under the bottle is a handy Picatinny rail for attaching a bipod. It is also made from aluminum as it’s machined as one unit into the block and not a screw on accessory. Above the bottle on each side are also Picatinny accessory rails for attaching all sorts of goodies.

For further adjustments, FX didn’t stop at the regulator and valve but also included a hammer spring adjustment easily manipulated on the left side of the gun. Be sure to read the instructions first as adjustments need to be made when the rifle is NOT cocked. The adjustment also has two modes, the letters and the numbers. Another advancement in airgun adjustments

FX Airguns Impact


On top of the rifle is a Picatinny rail for mounting an optic. With the rail much higher than the barrel using height adjustable rings is our choice. Raising the rear ring slightly (about 3/32″) will allow an easier zero with out eating all the elevation adjustment out of your rifle scope. This also allows easier long range shooting and one is less likely to run out of clicks or mil dots.

FX Airguns Impact

The FX Airguns Impact was initially released with a telescoping shroud which we thought was rather an impressive design and functioned very well. It was then replaced with a fixed shroud with additional screw in end caps included. In either case, this rifle is backyard friendly, no additional moderator required.

FX Airguns Impact

At the rear of the FX Impact is a height adjustable rubber butt pad and forward of that on the bottom of the rifle is a second gauge indicating the regulated pressure of the rifle.

The FX Airguns Impact is truly revolutionary for those looking for a fully modifiable airgun. Whether your looking for that perfect combination of pellet and performance for accuracy,  down range energy, or maximizing shot count, the FX impact can be tailored to almost any shooter’s needs.

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