FX Wildcat .25

FX Airguns introduced the all new Wildcat in late 2015. The first all new air rifle coming out of their new state of the art facility in Mariastad Sweden.

The FX Wildcat is a bullpup design done right! It’s compact, light weight and what has has come to be expected with the FX airguns Smooth Twist Barrel, it’s accurate! One of the first things I noticed on the FX Wildcat is placement the cocking lever. Placed forward rather than at the rear like most bullpups with a cocking lever or a rear bolt. This lever makes cycling the FX Wildcat a breeze and the mechanics are excellent. Forward placement also allows comfortable shooting and cheek placement for the left handed shooter as well, a real bonus.

FX Wildcat

Keeping this gun light is a high grade aluminum air cylinder which breaths life into the FX Wildcat through a precise air regulator. The FX adjustable match grade trigger is always a pleasure to pull and the new simple design of the magazine is fast and easy to load. The FX Smooth Twist Barrel is fully shrouded and additional modulators are available separately for purchase and can be easily added to the end to quiet down this airgun even more.

FX Airguns Wildcat Laminate

Fit and finish of the aluminum on the FX wildcat is superb with a nice new tactical matte black finish that’s finger print resistant. The synthetic stock with soft touch coating was done right as well and a comfort to hold and shoot for righties and lefties. Other stock options include laminate in Grey/Black as well as Walnut. The FX Wildcat comes with a forward reaching 11mm scope rail, so setting a scope up with the correct eye relief is no problem and if Picatinny is your choice, that option is also available for a little extra money. This rifle shoulders well and brings scope to eye placement right in line naturally. A compact light weight powerful air rifle perfect for either the bullpup or standard full length rifle shooter.

FX Wildcat .22

The FX Wildcat is available in .177, .22 and .25 calibers with the .25 caliber (pictured left) being a little longer in total length at 890mm rather than 670mm. This longer length on the .25 also brings a larger air cylinder holding 300cc rather than 230cc.

Power from the FX Wildcat isn’t lacking either with the .177 advertised at 18 foot pounds, 30 ft/lbs for the .22 and a whopping 47 ft/lbs for the .25 version.

Shot String from FX Wildcat .25 Caliber 25gr JSB Pellets

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If your looking for a nicely priced, high quality, comfortable to shoot well balanced airgun…and one that’s good looking to boot, the FX Wildcat fits the bill for either the rifle or bullpup, left handed or righted airgun shooter.

For more information, availability and pricing visit FX Airguns at Trenier Outdoors.