Aimtech Mounts 9"-13" Bipod Aimtech 6-9 Pivot Bipod

Price: $41.99

Part Number: 10853


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The Aimtech 9”- 13” Standard Bipod attaches to the forearm swivel stud of most rifles. Made from lightweight aluminum construction with steel components and a steel upper leg protection sleeve.

These bipods feature leather protection pads to protect the stock, brass bushings for smooth lower leg extension with a 1/3 turn and timed lower leg locking screw allowing the leg to be adjusted to length in any position quickly and easily

Other bipod features include an internal lower leg retraction spring, hard rubber feet and a premium anodized finish in a classic fold up compact design.

Light weight aluminum
Steel components
Upper leg steel protection sleeve
Adjustable from 9”-13”
Leather protection pads
Rubber feet
Attaches to forearm swivel stud
Premium anodized finish
Timed 1/3 turn leg locking screws
Brass bushings
Classic fold-up compact design
Base length: 2.7”
Approx Height: 9”-13”
Fold-up Length: 9.0”
Weight: 12oz
Aimtech Mounts 9"-13" Bipod Aimtech Mounts Bipod

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