BSA Scorpian / Ultra Old Model .177 Caliber Huma Regulator BSA Scorpion .177 / .22 Caliber Huma Regulator

Price: $130.00

Part Number: HRBSASUOM


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This Huma Air regulator is specially designed for tuning your BSA Scorpion and BSA scorpion T10 airrifle.

Huma Air matched the original BSA valve body thread to allow the body of the regulator to be screwed directly to the valve body and air cylinder. The brass restrictor part is removed from the valve house and check that the transferport is between 4 – 4.5 mm, otherwise open it up for best performance.

Please note the regulator adds 36 mm of length to the pressure tube so It will be important to check if the moderator will still fit the rifle.

Huma Air regulators reduce the pressure within valve, yet tanks fill pressure remains high for many consistent sequential shots. This gives the air rifle a consistent pellet speed resulting in less variations in the point of impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

The regulator comes preset from Huma Air with the most common pressure setting and also includes and adjustment feature with a pressure scale label allowing you to adjust the final output pressure that is suitable to your needs.

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The regulator is placed inside the pressure tube of the rifle and and is vented to the atmosphere. If your are unfamiliar with installing an airgun regulator or working with high pressure air we recommend having it installed by a qualified gunsmith.

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The Huma Air regulator is a “Component” that many times can benefit from having additional internal gun / valve / plumbing modifications done to optimize performance and efficiency.

Personal preference on PCP air gun performance varies from person to person, and as such, we at Trenier Outdoors do not offer in depth specific tuning or installation advice.  We recommend a professional installer / tuner to get the most from your Huma Air Regulator.

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Manufacturer: Huma Air
For: BSA Scorpion / Ultra Old Model .177 Caliber
Type: Internal
Vent: Atmosphere – no drilling

Huma Regulator Rebuild Kit Although Huma Air regulators are built with only high quality materials, the o-rings can wear over time. The rebuild kit contains a double replacement set of seals for the set screw and regulator piston as well as the external o-rings of the regulator. A replacement of the special valve disk and a syringe with high quality silcone grease to lubricate the regulator parts. Price $9.00 Buy

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