Rifle Level Sun Optics Bubble Level 11mm Dovetail Mount

Price: $19.99

Part Number: ST1005


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Sun Optics Bubble Level for 11mm dovetail rails. Ensures at- a- glance bore and reticle alignment shot after shot. Quick and easy viewing for rifles and airguns.

The Sun Optics Bubble level quickly mounts to a 11mm dovetail rail with a single Allen head screw and clamp. A quick glance shows you if your rifle or airgun is being held level.

Rifle and airguns not held level can can effect down range accuracy.  The Sun Optics level is a great tool to teach shooters the optimum position to maintain a level rifle.

Sun Optics Bubble Level
Fits 11mm dovetail rails
Metal construction
Allen head screw
Bubble set in east to see green fluid
Approx 1.5”
Approx .4” diameter

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