Air Venturi Air Compressor, Electric, 4500 PSI/310 Bar, 110V

Price: $1299.00

Part Number: AV-COMP4500


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Become your own fill souce with the Air Venturi 4500 psi compressor.

Plug the compressor into an 110V outlet and you’re ready to fill airguns, paintball guns, and airsoft guns for years to come whether filling a PCP air gun directly, a carbon fiber tank, or even a SCUBA tank.

The Air Venturi air compressor has a built-in automatic shut-off feature that allows for adjustment of the output pressure up to 4500 psi and includes a hose with a female quick disconnect fitting, a replacement output air filter, male to male fitting, male quick disconnect test plug, and extra seals and O-rings.

Note: When filling air bottles, do not leave the compressor unattended! Do not use for breathing air!

Max fill pressure 4500 psi
Adjustable output pressure, up to 4500 psi
Automatic shut-off feature
Internally water-cooled
Digital Temperature gauge (reads in Celsius)
Uses 110V electrical outlet
Noise level while running is 90 dB. This is similar to a food blender.
Weight: 76 lbs (without water and oil)
Dimensions: 18”L x 17”W x 17”H
For PCP airguns, Airsoft and Paintball tanks

Tank life starts at manufacture date. Delivered date will likely be 1-6 months into the 15 year life on the tank. Hydro test required every 5 years

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