Hatsan Airguns (as of this writting) is a family owned business based out of Turkey. Their AT44 series is available in a variety of sizes, calibers and stock options and remains a formidable platform that is rugged, accurate as well as affordable. In this article we take a closer look at the Tactical AT44 .25 Caliber model.

Hatsan HGAT44S10TACT-25QE

Hatsan AT44-10 QE Tactical (Tact) Airgun

The Hatsan AT44-10 Tactical (or Tact for short) comes with an adjustable butt stock. Operation is easy by simply pressing in the button on the right hand side and sliding the butt end rearward or forward; then releasing the button when the stock is correctly aligned over one of the notches.  It will lock back into place allowing the user to change the lengh of pull from around 14.8″ to 10.8″ in 3/4″ increments as well as changing the overall length of the rifle from 42″ to 46″ which can be handy when trying to store the rifle in a smaller case. The cheek piece is also vertical adjustable by way of two slotted screws. The rubber buttpad is soft but cannot be moved. The pistol grip has softer rubber overlay which is comfortable to grab but may be a little large for smaller hands.

Hatsan AT44 10 Tactical Stock

Hatsan AT44 10 QE Tactical Airgun Adjusted Forward

Hatsan AT44 10 Tactical Butt Stock

Hatsan AT44 10 QE Tactical Airgun Adjusted Forward

Forward, the trigger on the Hatsan AT44 Tactical is a location to store two additional magazines which are secured in place by a spring loaded detent. They press in firmly but are still easy to removed and we felt confident they would not fall out when moving around. When loading a magazine pull back the sidelever to cock the gun but do not close it. Push the forward magazine locking pin/lever forward into the locked position. Insert the magazine and release the forward locking lever. Here we found it useful to hand spin the magazine a click or two to ensure when we pushed the side lever forward to ensure that everything was in alignment.

The trigger is Hatsan’s 2 stage adjustable and does come with a firm pull out of the box. When/if you choose to adjust the trigger be sure to read and understand all the accompanying documention or have a qualified gunsmith do it for you.

Hatsan AT44 10 Tactical Trigger

Hatsan AT44 10 QE Tactical Trigger and Magazine Holder

Moving forward the stock will have softer rubber inlays in the forearm with a nice texture for gripping. Below, the stock will include integrated Picatinny Rails. One on each side of the rifle as well as one on the underside. These can come in handy for mounting flashlighs, bipods or other accessories. We took measurement of the slots in the rails and it does measure true to Picatinny standards so it will accept multi – crossbolted holders and rings (unlike the rail on top for mounting a scope which was unfortunate).

Hatsan AT44 10 Tactical Picatiny Rail

Hatsan AT44 10 QE Tactical Picatinny Rails

Hatsan barrels come either a standard or shrouded. The shrouded versions are designated QE which stands for “Quiet Energy” and which reduces the report from this rifle considerably. The .25 version we tested was very quiet and had substanially less noise than it’s standard non-QE counterpart.

Hatsan barrels are also choked giving these affordable PCP airguns accuracy found on much more higher priced airguns.

Hatsan AT44 10 QE

Hatsan AT44 10 QE Choked Barrel

The Hatsan AT44 10 QE versions will not have fiber optic sights so adding a scope will be a necessity. Hatsan has a dual rail version in which an 11mm rail is machined into the the top of a 22mm rail. Your best option for proper scope mounting may be to choose the 11mm rail. The 22mm will accept a Weaver style mount but not a Picatinny Ring with the larger crossbolt.

We also found the spacing on the rail to be oddly placed where as the front ring will either interfere with the magazine or the magazine release lever. A future inprovement we would like to see is a standard Picatinny slot size as well as Picatinny slot spacing.

This being a PCP airgun though, recoil is almost non-existant and the use off 11mm rings will be fine.

Behind the scope mounting rail is the automatic safety. Once the gun is cocked, the safety is pushed outward. Simply push in before firing the airgun after loading each round.

Hatsan AT44 10 Scope Rail

Hatsan AT44 10 QE Tactical Scope Rail

Hatsan At44 10 Automatic Safety

Hatsan AT44 10 QE Tactical Automatic Safety

The action on this .25 caliber is a sidelever and it has a good solid feel. When pulling the lever back we liked to visually verify that the magazine indexed each time, in which it did. We do this because at the end of the stroke of the sidelever there one last bit of additional resitance to fully cock the airgun that may be easily missed.

This Hatsan AT44 also has an anti-double feed mechinism to prevent loading two pellets into the chamber. So if you’re having a “did I cock the gun or not moment” it can be a helpful feature.

Next we cleaned the barrel (recommended) filled it’s 180cc cylinder to it’s maximum 200 BAR. Filled up the three 9 round .25 caliber clips with JSB Diabolo 25.39 pellets and put it over the chronograph with the following results. As you will see below, as with many non-regulated PCP airguns, the maximum pressure is not always the best pressure to start out with.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
618 683 597 713 729 742 752 756 764

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
773 777 784 799 798 802 810 815 822


19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
822 827 829 830 830 829 824 821 820


We then went back in and mounted an Optisan EVX 5-20×50 rifle scope, refilled the rifle to 200 BAR. Knowing the first 9 shots would not be representitive of accuracy, we used those to sight in the Hatsan AT44 at 15 yards and moved the target out to 35 yards…and then it started to rain and the winds picked up.

We proceeded regardless of the weather not cooperating and after a quick sight in, moved the target out to 40 yards and shot the next two 9-shot magazines. Our paper targets were wet, we were wet and rain in Wisconsin in August is equivalent to sending out a party invitation to mosquitoes.

Hatsan AT44 10 Accuracy Rain Group 10-18

Hatsan AT44 10 Tactical QE Accuracy Shots 10-18

Hatsan AT44 10 Accuracy Shots 19-27

Hatsan AT44 10 Tactical QE Accuracy Shots 11-27

As we expected, this Hatsan AT44 10 Tactical was a performer. Pushing out close to 40 FT/LBS and pushing Quarter size qroups in some weather.

The adjustable stock was comfortable when holding this 9 LB 1 OZ rifle (un-scoped) and the telescoping stock proved usefull when passing the rifle around to another shooter.

Just to note, to take this rifle yet a higher level, Hatsan does  offer a drop in regulator as well as a few specialized airgun tuners such as www.bwaltonpcp.com.

For more information, availability and pricing on the Hatsan AT44 10 Tactical visit Hatsan AT44 Tact at Trenier Outdoors.