If your in the market for a new rifle scope, the magnification settings are almost endless from 1 power to as much as 50 or 60 power.  Wondering what to choose, we’ll try to help here.

Choosing a magnification for your rifle scope is determined by your usage as well as your personal preferences. Just because Joe Shooter brags about hitting flies at 100 yards at 9X doesn’t necessarily mean 9X is the power for you as much as it is someone telling you the big fish story that got released before the photo was taken.

Lower magnification rifle scopes may not increase the visual size of the target by much, but they give you a large field of view allowing you to find your target much quicker and with new technologies emerging, it’s not uncommon now to find rifle scopes at 1X, 1.5X or 2X on the low side with 6X or even 12X at the high end of the magnification range.  So if your trying to hit that jack rabbit moving around your garden or just the tin can at 25 yards and tired of just trying to find it through your rifle scope,  look toward lower magnification levels to give you the big picture.

Higher magnification is good when your target is far away or very small. So 4-6 times magnification with your centerfire may be fine for the whitetail deer at 75 or 100 yards and just right for your airgun taking rats in the barn at 50 or 60 feet.

If your punching paper looking for 1/4” groups and shooting from a bench, 24X or 32X is not uncommon and allows for visual inspection of the target with out the need for a spotting scope.

For the airgunner, higher magnification brings better range finding capabilities under 100 yards. A quality high magnification scope can tell the airgunner whether their target is 50 or 52 yards away using the side focus allowing for precise hold over or elevation clicking to compensate for the pellet drop at such distances.

For these reasons, variable power rifle scopes excel at giving the user on the fly options at choosing a magnification for many different conditions.  So if your hunting, Shooting Field Target, punching paper or just wanting to knock cans down in the yard, be sure to get the right magnification for your set up and leave the fish telling stories for someone else.

If your still undecided, it’s tough to go wrong with a 4-16×44.Rifle