DBPM30DSHIG BKL-304L-MB FX No Limit Rings 1" hm6102
BluePrint BKL FX Airguns Hawke Optics
UTG RGPM-30M4 Optisan Scope Rings Sun Optics SM5015 T.O. TR1002
Leapers UTG. Optisan Sun Optics Trenier

We carry rifle scope rings for centerfire, rimfire and airguns. Rimfire and airgun rifle scope rings often use an 11mm or 3/8″ rail and the reciever may also include a hole to accept a pin included with the ring to prevent scope ring movement during recoil. 11mm and 3/8″ rings are interchangeable.

Weaver and Picatinny rings (sometimes reffered as 22mm) are similar with subtle differences. Rifles will have a bolt on rail that has slots. A crossbolt in the ring will lay in this cross slot to prevent ring movement during recoil. To understand the differences between Weaver (22mm) and Picatinny, read our article <<here>>