DBPM30DSM00 Blueprint Scope Rings, 11mm Dovetail. 30mm, Medium

Price: $58.00

Part Number: DBPM30DSM00


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Made exclusively in the UK by Sportsmatch. These double-screw mounts are available in low, medium and high hights for 1″ or 30 mm rifle scopes and do not include a recoil stop pin, excellent for PCP Air or 22 LR.

They have a measured variance of .001 (1 micron) while the screws are Teflon coated (NITROTECH) rather than blackened and are more corrosion resistant. Side screws are a tidy mushroom design with a thrust washer.

Fits 9.5 – 11.5mm (3/8″) dovetails, commonly used on rimfire and airguns. BluePrint mounts double screw fixings avoid the scope movement (creep).

Aluminum scope ring
Measured variance of .001 (1 micron)
Dual clamp screws – no stop pins
Four cap screws (2 each side)
Steel hex socket screws
NITROTECH coated fasteners
Two rings per package
Made in the UK
Hole diameter 30mm
For 9.5 – 11mm dovetail rail
Saddle height .465”
Width .830”

Saddle height: measured from the bottom of the scope tube to the top surface of the rail


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