FX airguns No Limit Mount 30mm Picatinny FX Airguns No Limit Scope Mounts Picatinny rail, 1″ Scope Tube

Price: $69.99

Part Number: FXNL1P


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The FX Airguns No Limit rifle scope mounts are a simple and elegant design which allows for making easy adjustments for height and angle of your rifle scope.

Constructed of light weight aluminum, steel fasteners and a matte anodized finish.

FX No Limit Scope Mounts
1″ Scope tube.
Aluminum construction
Height adjustable
Angle adjustable
Picatinny rail
Height adjustment: .13”
Angle adjustment: +/- 1.5°
Width: .785”
Height: 0.915″ – 1.085″

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