MTC OpticsThe MTC Optics Connect Rifle Scope is a unique specialized scope that excels for hunting on PCP Airguns and .22 LR Rifles like the Ruger 10/22. What makes the Connect different, a HUGE field of view that is almost double that at 10X than a standard scope. Making a scope with such a large field of view removes most of the eye relief so this scope is for non recoiling rifles only.

Viewing out the MTC Optics Connect is similair to looking through a pair of binoculars with it’s short eye relief, so the scope will need to be placed further rearward on the rifle to get a good cheek weld and a clear site picture. Once set up though and after a few shots, I really became as comfortable if not more so with the short eye relief than using a standard scope. Everything just lines up easily when shoulding the rifle and that amazing field of view made me feel I was looking at a large screen TV.

MTC Connect FOV

Field of View almost double at 10x

Another feature of the MTC Optic Connect is that it was designed with a very large depth of field, there no need to fine tune side focus adjustments to rapidly bring in a close target to focus. So if you’re looking for an optic where the side focus can distinquish between 25 and 26 yards, this isn’t the scope for you. If your looking for a hunting scope than can quickly find something 25 yards away, this optic wins hands down.

The MTC Connect is available in two options. The Connect 3-12×32 and the Connext SL 3-12×24 SL. SL short for Slim Line. The Connect SL is a straight tube scope and what this does is increase the depth of field even more, allows for lower rings to clear a magazine or rail and gives the shooter more mounting options to move the scope rearward closer to your eye.

MTC Connect 3-12x24

MTC Connect SL 3-12×24

MTC Connect 3-12x32

MTC Connect 3-12×32

Mounting the rifle scope rearward is a snap and there are a couple options available. First is using the specialized MTC Connect mount. The second way is simply placing two rings together forward the elevation and windage turrets. This scope is ideal for almost any non-recoiling platform such as PCP or .22LR but I really found that it’s idea match is with the Bullpup rifle design. Everything remains compact, lightweight and well balanced.

MTC Connect on bullpup

MTC Connect on Daystate Pulsar

The MTC Optics Connect also comes with some nice options. A twist out eye cup was a great addition, illuminated reticle for darker wooded conditions, a built in front objective lens flip open cover and nice finger adjustable turrets with clean crisp clicks.

MTC Connect Turrets

Finger adjustable turrets

Specifications for the Connect:

  • AMD (Advanced Mil Dot) or SCB2 Reticle
  • Side adjustable PA from 10 yards to infinity
  • Integrated illuminated reticle unit
  • Integral objective cover supplied
  • Small, light and compact – the perfect hunting scope
  • Sits very low on the rifle due to the small objective
  • Waterproof, fogproof, shockproof & nitrogen purged
  • Field of view: 60.9’ – 17.1’
  • Eye relief: 1”
  • Weight: 22oz.
  • Length: 11.3”
  • Tube diameter: 30mm
  • Click value 100 yards: .25”