Hawke Sidewinder  ED 10-50×60 1/8 MOA Changable Turret

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Part Number: 65101


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Hawke Sidewinder ED 10-50×60 TMX 1/8″ MOA interchangeable, locking and resettable turrets.

Hawke’s patented interchangeable turrets allow for changing between ¼ MOA to either ⅛ MOA or 1⁄10 MRAD to suit your shooting preference

By simply unscrewing the locking collar the turret can be lifted off and removed from the scope. Each turret has indexed teeth to ensure that the location and alignment are kept during installation. Push down on the turret, screw the locking collar back down and the scope is ready for use.

Fits Hawke Sidewinder ED 10-50×60
Click Adjustments: 1/8″ MOA
1/8″ MOA Clicks

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