Optisan 6" Side Focus Wheel Optisan Optics Viper 6″ Side Focus Wheel

Price: $34.99

Part Number: 37470


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The Optisan Viper series of rifle scopes include a distance marked 3” side focus wheel.  This 6” side wheel replaces the smaller wheel in minutes using 3 set screws.

The Optisan Viper 6” side focus wheel has no markings allowing the user to accurately range find and mark distances for a precise match up to their Optisan Viper scope.

Excellent range finding for field target or bringing the target in precise focus for long range shooting. Made from light weight aluminum with a soft rubber core. Measures approximately 6” in diameter

Fits Optisan Viper series of rifle scopes
Aluminum construction
Rubber center
Attaches with 3 set screws to side focus adjustment.
No distance markings
6” diameter
Diameter: 6″

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