We get asked a lot about The Original Paper Plate Target Company, so it was time to write up an article.

POriginal Paper Plate Target Company

The Original Paper Plate Target company was started by us here at Trenier LLC as our first entry into the shooting sports accessory business. If you haven’t shot a paper plate before, well you should! They leave excellent crisp clear holes that are easy to see and a 9” diameter paper plate target is just about the perfect size for target practice for most things hunting and tactical. We liked shooting at paper plates so much, we started a company based on something that was fun and whimsical at a time when the shooting sports was heading toward dark, zombies and tactical.

If you think getting an image on a paper plate for a target is easy, I can say from experience that it wasn’t. We needed to develop a way that was affordable and could make paper plate targets quickly and development of a paper plate target machine began.  Running off air cylinders, valves and a special mixture of ….(We’ll keep that a secret)… we were running about 100 paper plate targets an hour. That may not sound like much but with out the budget for ordering custom printed plates direct (think minimum order quantities approaching a 100K or more), we were happy making 100 an hour.

Paper Plate Targets

Paper Plate Targets soon led us to high quality regular paper targets from a local printer. Then to Faux antique wooded ammo boxes we manufactured in house. Wanting just a high quality simple sand bag to shoot from, we decided to make those to.
Next thing you know, we just couldn’t stop! Focusing mainly on our passion for air rifles and airgun optics, the Paper Plate Target Company just no longer seemed to fit and became Trenier Outdoors.

T.O. PT1003

We’ll always stick to our roots of finding fun and value added products as well offer some of the best brands known. As for the Paper Plate Target Machine…still running strong but retired to our historical section. It has special place in our hearts and fired up just every now and then.