There is a new pellet coming to market and we were fortunate to get our hands on a few tins for testing this breezy weekend.

The Rifle brand of pellets come to us from Brazil. Their website located at as well as a Facebook page at

The pellets we tested were there domed head .177 caliber 8.33 grain as well as the domed head .22 caliber weighing in at 18.67 grains.

Rifle brand .177 caliber 8.33 grains

Rifle brand .22 caliber 18.67 grains

Given the breezy conditions of the day we chose to keep the targets up close at 25 yards and shooting support was a off a bench using a bi-pod with 5-10 shot groups. Temperatures hovered around freezing, 32F.

First up was a Benjamin Marauder. This rifle was tuned for shooting a lighter pellet than the .22 caliber 18.67 grain and FPS was a low 512 FPS. Ruling out a couple flyers, group size stayed under an 1″

Next was a Crossman 1377 in .177 caliber with a 14″ barrel. 10 pumps yielded 583 FPS with the 8.33 pellets. With one sight in shot, group size was around 1-1/4″

Above we have an AirMax pistol. We moved the target to 15 yards and shot with open sites. The .177 caliber 8.33 grains had an average velocity of 612 FPS.

Moving the target back to 25 yards we pulled out the Air Arms S500. This rifle is tuned to shoot a 10.34 grain pellet at 890 FPS. Feeling that would be a bit fast when swithing to the 8.33 Rifle brand we adjusted the power setting and shot the lighter pellets at 882 FPS.

Knowing the Air Arms can group better, we adjusted the power setting downward and shooting the 8.33 pellet at 788 FPS.

Above we have a comparison using the JSB 10.34, what the Air Arms S500 is tuned to shoot at full power 890 FPS.

Next we pulled out a Brocock Compatto in .177 caliber. The Rifle brand 8.33 pellet was not in agreement with this combination at 985 FPS.

Again for comparison, using the Brocock Compatto we tested the JSB 8.44 pellet. FPS remained the same at 985 and group size tightened slightly. Upper 900 FPS is much to fast for these lighter 8.33 and 8.44 pellets.

The Hatsan ATP2 showed a respectable group. This pistol format has a shorter barrel putting out the 8.33 grain Rifle brand .177 pellet at 718 FPS.

Above we have the new for 2017 Umarex Gauntlet in 22 caliber. This rifle pushed out the heavy 18.67 grain pellets at an average of 727 FPS

Here we have the Crossman 1322 in .22 caliber. The heavier 18.67 grain may have been too much for this rifle with an average FPS of only 387. Excluding the flyer at the far right group size stayed at about an inch.

Packaging of the pellets was excellent. Lined tins with screw on lids and a foam insert were nice to see. A visual inspection was also satisfying as the pellets out of the tin are very clean and very uniform.

Although testing yielded some varying results, initial thoughts are these pellets were shooting much better for the lower velocities rifles and look forward to testing some other rifle configurations and pellet options.

For more information on the Rifle brand of pellets as well as other options and sizes, visit their website at