Review of the T.O. Series 4-16×40 Large Wheel Mil Dot
I’ve been using the T.O. Series 4-16X40 Large Wheel Mil Dot Reticle Scope on an RWS 34. The RWS 34 is fitted with a Vortek PG2 Spring Kit, set up to shoot at 14fpe. This rifle has been tuned and lubricated to perfection, has a premium stock, and likely shoots significantly smoother that other 34’s with the same kit. I am reviewing this scope based on usage for Hunter Class Field Target, which is mainly how I spend my time shooting. I mainly used the scope at 12X magnification, but I did check other magnifications for any glaring issues. Following is my review of the various characteristics of this scope.

T.O. RS1002

Windage / Elevation Knobs
Both knobs operated smoothly and feel damped when turning and when locking/unlocking them. The clicks feel a bit mushy, but not as bad as some Hawke scopes that I’ve used. They don’t feel as precise as the higher-end UTG scopes that I’ve used. Despite this, they seem to hold their positions with no changes in the point of impact (POI). The machining of the knobs is ok, but not as refined as UTG or Hawke. Many of the edges feel a little on the sharp side.

Side Focus
The side focus works fine, but there are a couple of issues that bothered me. The first issue is that it rotates too easily. With the wheel attached, it is way too easy to rotate it accidentally. If you are not using the included sidewheel, it has a more appropriate amount of firmness when turning the small knob, but I still think it is set too loose. Another issue with the wheel itself is that it’s overly heavy. I do tend to prefer that things are made sturdy, but the wheel and the knob that attaches the wheel are significantly heavier than they need to be. The knob that is attached when the wheel is not used was machined with a visible defect. Although the closest focus distance is only 12 yards, and causes minor issues when ranging between 10 – 12 yards for Field Target, I still prefer this over having the IR.

The etched glass reticle is very sharp with clear mil dot markings. It’s not as useful for FT as the more complex Hawke Airmax reticle, or the MTC EVX Reticle, but it’s sufficient. I am fairly good at estimating a combination of windage and holdover, so this reticle worked out ok – not great, but ok. The Christmas tree type reticles do make it far easier to estimate combinations of windage and holdover.

For my shooting, the lack of an illuminated reticle (IR) is a plus. I don’t use IR’s, and would prefer that scopes at least offer an option to NOT include them. I just see them as gimmicky, or as something that adds weight, or as something that will fail. I really like that this scope does not have an IR.

Reticle T.O. Mil Dot

Diopter Adjustment
The diopter adjustment is very firm and stays in place once adjusted. I was able to dial in the perfect amount of adjustment very easily.

Zoom Adjustment
The zoom adjustment knob operates very firmly and stays in place once adjusted. It is set at the perfect firmness. The machining of this knob is ok, but not as refined as UTG or Hawke. Many of the edges feel a little on the sharp side.

The 1” mono-tube design feels durable. The only irritation is that the ringed nameplate at the front objective is not centered at the top of the scope. Although I am using this scope on a highly tuned rifle, there is still a moderate amount of recoil from this gun, and the T.O. scope has held up perfectly. The POI has remained consistent, and nothing has loosened on the scope. Internally, the scope appears simple, and I noticed no major defects, excess glue, or excessive dust – it looks very good.

Lens Covers
The covers are adequate, and stay in place once closed.

Objective Hood
Unfortunately, this scope does not include a hood and there does not appear to be one available. I always prefer to use a hood, as it adds contrast, it provides rain protection for the front element, and it reduces flare. I’m disappointed that a hood is not available.

I saved the best for last. This scope has outstanding optics. The sight picture is easily as clear as scopes costing more than twice as much, without any surprises or aberrations that I noticed. I will also note that the scope is clear not just in the center, but all the way out to the edges. Between 12 and 35 yards, you really can’t ask for much more. Inside of 35 yards, it has similar clarity as my Hawke Airmax 30SF, and has much better edge-to-edge clarity than the 6 different UTG Accushot scopes that I’ve used. In addition, the Airmax scope has certain magnifications where you notice aberrations or blurry areas in the sight picture. I have not noticed any abnormal out of focus area in the sight picture of the T.O. scope.

Between 35 and 55 yards, I would rate the optics as very good to excellent. The sight picture is slightly less sharp at 16X magnification, and the eye relief is very finicky. If you need a scope mainly for this magnification, you may want to consider a scope with a larger objective so that the eye relief is more relaxed.

This is an excellent scope for most applications. It is well-built and operates as expected. The one area where this scope really shines above its price point is in the optics. It would be an ideal scope for a hunter, plinker, or target shooter. The very clear sight picture and huge depth of field will make it a pleasure to use for these types of shooting. The one downside to the huge depth of field is that it makes range-finding very difficult to estimate accurately. Even at longer distances, there may be as much as 15 degrees of rotation where the target is still in crisp focus. This makes it a less-than-ideal option for Field Target, where range-finding is critical to estimating the pellets trajectory. The lack of a hood is another negative towards Field Target use. For everything else, this scope is an optical gem at a bargain price.

Independent review by Zach L., an avid shooter and product reviewer