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A crazy windy day!

At the WAC we did our 100 yard shooting and hold off was never the same from shot to shot. Hold offs ran from 1 mil to 5+ mil both left and right, 10 shots per target. Two eye open shooting, one on the wind flag and one on the target.

3″ targets and a welcomed pizza break 1/2 way through. Temps running around 25F. Finished with a game of 50 yard Battleship.

Super day!

Wisconsin_Airgun_Club_3_12_17_a Wisconsin_Airgun_Club_3_12_17_b Wisconsin_Airgun_Club_3_12_17_c Wisconsin_Airgun_Club_3_12_17_d Wisconsin_Airgun_Club_3_12_17_e


A new year at the WAC (Wisconsin Airgun Club). This February has brought us unseasonably warm temperatures running into the 50’s and even lower 60’s. What a great opportunity to pull out some spinners, some paper and even a few knock-downs and go some airgunning.

Jeff with the Compatto, Bill using his FX impact and Scott his Raw were able to get in the some sight in time as well as some 50 and 100 yard competition. Fired up the pizza oven for lunch and continued shooting into mid afternoon. A great start to the new year!

WAC_2_19_17_b WAC_2_19_17_a WAC_2_19_17_d WAC_2_19_17_c WAC_2_19_17_e



Photos and Scores 2016